Andrew O'Hagan: Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?


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The normalization of mass shootings is perhaps the most horrifying aspect of modern American life - which is saying something. In this episode, Joe & Josh delve into the minds of of the men and boys who commit such crimes, with the help of Andrew O'Hagan's masterful synthesis of their self-serious, self-pitying manifestos, "Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?" O'Hagan manages an admirable literary analysis of these beta male killers and their violent alpha fantasies without either glamorizing or dehumanizing the miserable bastards. Writing in 2015, O'Hagan refuses to harp on the usual suspects of violent media or American gun culture, seeking instead the common denominators in the killers' inner lives and examining cases outside the U.S. that got less attention in the American press. This episode was recorded well before the tragedies in Las Vegas or Sutherland Springs, but sadly, O'Hagan's essay only seems more spot-on now. Read it here, and also subscribe to the LRB already:

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