H.L. Mencken: Hills of Zion

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On this episode of the "Old Time Gospel Program," Joe & Josh search the scriptures for answers to the most hotly contested questions of our day. They also have a look at the most famous essay from skeptic, cynic, and so-called "sage of Baltimore" H.L Mencken, "The Hills of Zion." Mencken's report from the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, TN paints a picture of American religion at its most carnivalesque. And while it's a fascinating time capsule of rural, evangelical America just beginning to grapple with scientific modernity, its significance has not only endured but increased in the century since its first publication. This early glimpse of the culture war exposes the country's social and spiritual divide - one that's just as wide today as in 1925. It will be a glorifying hour of witness, sinner friend. But read the essay first: http://bactra.org/Mencken/the-hills-of-zion/

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