Mansplaining the Manosphere

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Manosphere. Men's rights. MGTOW. All dumb names for the same controversial thing. But is it malevolent? Is the connection that so many journalists and analysts have made between these men's movements and the Alt-Right justified? In this episode, Manischewitz & Mendacity red-pill you on Warren Farrell, an early proponent of therapeutic misogyny, with help from a 2015 Mother Jones profile by Mariah Blake. We'll also look at the world of pickup artists and at various attempts to connect the hookup culture with the Decline of Western Civilization. So assume your Alpha Male body posture and call your family court lawyer, we're about to kino escalate Season 2 into the manosphere.

“Mad Men: Inside the Men’s Rights Movement” by Mariah Blake, Mother Jones, 2015

“Sexual Utopia in Power” by F. Roger Devil, The Occidental Quarterly, 2006
“From Pickup Artist to Pariah,” by Rachel Monroe, The Cut, 2016

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