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Did you hear the one about the Jewish gal who was married to a Nazi? How about the sorrowful dad who disowned his Nazi son after Charlottesville? Or the one about "edgy" podcasters who went from making dark Holocaust jokes to humorlessly advocating for a second Holocaust? Pure comedy. In this episode, (((Joe))) & Josh examine Andrew Marantz's oddly moving New Yorker profile of white nationalist podcaster Mike Enoch - and of his grieving father - and talk social media cocoons, anti-semitic parentheses, and the limits of sympathy. They also begin a conversation, to be continued through the next few episodes, about the origins and persistence of anti-Semitism.

“Birth of a White Supremacist” by Andrew Marantz, The New Yorker, 2017

“Threatening Jewish Prosperity” by Steve Sailer, Taki’s, 2017

“Enemies of My Enemy” by Kevin Macdonald, The Occidental Quarterly, 2004

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