Norman Mailer: The White Negro

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Dig this and don't goof, hepcats and hepkittens: Joe & Josh are going to school you in cool by reading Norman Mailer's 1957 essay "The White Negro." This seminal examination of the mid-50s zeitgeist - the work that popularized the term "hipster" - is 9,000 words of streamed consciousness that your hosts genuinely struggled to comprehend. In trying to make sense of the whole thing, they discuss the connections between race, American pop culture, bohemian affectations, and the appropriation of countercultures by commercial power. Along the way, they discuss the great 1994 film Quiz Show, why every black teenager in America should probably be rich, how the creators of Superman got f****d over, why so many great comedians are Jewish, and the nature and origin of depression. This is your trip, daddio:

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