A Normies Guide to Season 2


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In this full-length introduction to Season Two, Joe & Josh explain why they've devoted this next batch of episodes to discussing the Alt-Right, that tangle of ugly political and cultural phenomena that has been explained, attacked, and analyzed to death by all quarters of the media in the past two years. What else is there to say by now? Starting with their reactions to Angela Nagle's widely (and rightly) praised book Kill All Normies, your hosts try to defend their choice of theme and their selection of essays and ask what, if anything, this toxic counter-culture can tell us about American life in the 21st century.

Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle, Zero Books, 2017

“Dialectic of Dark Enlightenment” by Catherine Liu, Los Angeles Review of Books, 2017
“Posting Left and Right” by Leif Weatherby, Jacobin, 2017

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