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While hardly a counter-cultural figure himself, the late Samuel Francis was enormously influential in fringe right-wing movements at the turn of the century, helping to popularize with his writing both an explicitly racialist view of civilization and a "Gramscian" strategy - after the theories of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci -  of cultural warfare. Without Francis, the Alt-Right and "white nationalism" as we (unfortunately) know it today would almost certainly not exist, at least not in the U.S. "Angry White Male," a vivid and prescient 1996 profile of Francis by D.C. journalist John Cloud, looks at the internecine battles within conservatism during the 1990s that led to Francis being fired from The Washington Times. In this episode, Joe & Josh examine how a dour Southern traditionalist - whose thought was, at heart, simply a defense of the white supremacist society in which he was raised - paved the way for sh*tlords, edgelords, and racist trolls to take the struggle for cultural hegemony online.

“Angry White Male” by John Cloud, The Washington City Paper, 1996

“Why Race Matters,” by Samuel Francis, American Renaissance, 1994

“Unpatriotic Conservatives” by David Frum, National Review, 2003



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