Theater VII: 12 Monkeys

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This week’s episode takes us on an intense mission to try and prevent an underground army from unleashing an apocalyptic plague onto the world in the 1995 time traveling classic, 12 Monkeys.  Our main character, James Cole, is recruited by a board of scientists to go back in time and try to collect information on the people responsible for the outbreak and a sample of the virus.  Once Cole is sent back in time, he is arrested and suspected of having a mental disorder because he cannot stop telling people about his knowledge of civilization’s demise.  He eventually kidnaps his psychiatrist, Dr. Railly, and convinces her that his story may not be as crazy as it seems.  Cole and Dr. Railly team up to figure out the role The Army of the 12 Monkeys plays in the conspiracy and stop the virus’s release.  Why didn’t we get more of Cole’s backstory?  Wouldn’t it have been cool to see more of characters lives in the present/future?  Why didn’t Dr. Railly escape from Cole when she had any of her many opportunities or scream for help when he would walk with her in public?  Is this a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome?  If Cole had seen the events at the airport unfold in his dreams every night of his life, why didn’t he know exactly what to do to accomplish his mission and avoid being shot?  What do you think the police did with Dr. Railly?  Is she free to go, or is she doing hard time?  How many times do the characters say the word “monkey” in this film?  How much does Bruce Willis love making time travel movies that involve his character seeing a younger or older version of himself?  How did the costume designer get an oscar nomination for this movie?  Thank you for all of the love you continue to show us.  Please rate and review the podcast wherever you get it and if you like the show, share it with your friends.  Have a great week.