Theater II: Addams Family Values

This episode is all about family.  A creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky family.  We’re celebrating our first Thanksgiving episode in style with Addams Family Values.  This movie is wonderful.  It is filled with incredible actors, a good director and has lots of crazy moments and funny one liners.  It feels like a really good extended episode from the TV series.  The family welcomes a new baby, Fester and Wednesday both find love and the Native Americans exact revenge on the Pilgrims.  Is this the most attractive Joan Cusack has ever been on film?  How great is the chemistry between Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston?  What’s the deal with Camp Chippewa?  Have the necessary authorities been notified about Gary and Becky?  What did Fester and Deb have on their wedding registry?  Why didn’t Debbie realize that Fester couldn’t be killed by conventional means?  When do we get the sequel about Fester and Dementia’s life together?  How many versions of “Whoop There It Is” did Tag Team make? This one was a nice treat that all three of us enjoyed, we hope you do too.