Theater VII: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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This week’s episode takes us on an inter-dimensional trip through time and space with a couple of really good dudes named Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan.  Their first adventure was excellent, but this time it is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.  Bill and Ted are still good natured dopes that are struggling to get by and fulfill their destinies of becoming the most influential rock band in history.  An evil villain from the future named De Nomolos wants to alter the timeline and destroy Bill and Ted’s reign of awesomeness and replace it with his own regime.  He sends two evil android doppelgangers of Bill and Ted back to the past to kill them and change the future of the human race.  Bill and Ted are killed by their doubles and must find a way to outsmart death and return to their mortal forms so they can save the babes and defeat their evil twins.  How old are Bill and Ted supposed to be?  Could anyone have played these two characters as well as Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves?  What’s with The Reaper’s accent?  So these guys are big time stoners, right?  Who taught the princesses to drive and to play musical instruments?  Where can we buy a grappling hook guitar?  Station!!!  Thank you for all of the love you continue to show us.  Please rate and review the podcast wherever you get it and if you like the show, share it with your friends.  Have a great week.  

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