Theater VII: Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

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This week’s episode will get your heart pumping and fulfill your need for adrenalin and danger.  We watched the 2000 remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds staring the always entertaining Nic Cage and the usually creepy Giovanni Ribisi as two car stealing brothers that need to steal 50 cars in one night.  The movie is filled to the brim with recognizable actors, many of which are useless to the plot or have nothing much to do while on screen.  The original 1974 film is known for having a wild 40 minutes car chase scene, and the car chases in this version are well done and fun to watch as well.  The story is a little shaky, but it is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.  Why did everyone act like the six years that Memphis was gone were the longest six years in human history?  How far away was Memphis living?  Couldn’t they have just visited him?  How do all of the former car thieves know all of the latest news and deals that are going down in Criminaltown?  Why are Castlebeck and Drycoff the only police officers that care about all of the cars being stolen?  What’s with fine woodworking being Calitri’s achilles heel?  Why did Castlebeck let Memphis go free at the end?  Thank you for all of the love you continue to show us.  Please rate and review the podcast wherever you get it and if you like the show, share it with your friends.  Have a great week.