Theater VII: Hot Shots - Part Deux

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This week’s episode takes us on a mission to rescue an imprisoned rescue team that was captured in an attempt to rescue a group of hostages in great need of some rescuing.  All silliness aside, we watched Hot Shots! Part Deux and are ready to tell you all about Topper Harley’s adventure with his two girlfriends, Ramada and Michelle, and the elite special force or Harbinger, Rabinowitz and Williams.  They travel to the jungles of The Middle East to free Col. Walters and Ramada’s husband Dexter from the evil Saddam's prison camp.  They save the hostages and kill everyone else that gets in their way.  This is a very fun movie that is filled with enough jokes and gags to keep you laughing the whole time.  Could anyone make a movie this offensive now?  How did Topper go from fighter pilot to Rambo in a few short years?  Where can we buy ourselves some lucky beauty marks?  Thank you for all of the love you continue to show us.  Please rate and review the podcast wherever you get it and if you like the show, share it with your friends.  Have a great week.

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