Theater I: Snow White & The Huntsman

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Theater I: Snow White & The Huntsman

Magic Mirror on the wall, which is the fairest podcast of all?  What would happen if you crossed Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with Game of Thrones?  We are not 100% sure but we think it would look a lot like this movie.  This week we’re talking about Snow White and the Huntsman, the story of Thor protecting Bella from Furiosa.  The movie is beautiful to watch and much more fun than two of us expected it to be.  Did the magic mirror put a hit out on Snow White?  What’s going on with the relationship between Ravenna and her brother Finn?  The seven dwarves were very well cast and a welcome surprise.  Was one of the dwarves resurrected at the end?  We also debate whether or not Kristen Stewart should be in this movie.  Hit us up on Twitter, Instagram or email to let us know who you think would have been a better Snow White.