Episode #Ace/Six: Stan Jablonksi

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Episode #Ace/Six: Stan Jablonski

On our sixth episode of the season, sometimes called the "Mile High Club" (Airplane & Sex), Tony & David speak on the phone with Stan Jablonski, a live tournament event player who has been playing poker since 2004. Jablonski's poker tournament results and statistics include three career titles and 108 in-the-money finishes over $1.4 million in total poker tournament event earnings over the years.

Add Stan on Twitter @StanJablonski



We talk about what it takes to stay consistent, what he does to get better, how he gets over losses, the next generation of players and much more! 

If you're going to be in Nevada, take a jet ski tour down the Colorado River with Stan's company, Watercraft Adventures!

 www.watercraftadventures.com (click pic)

www.watercraftadventures.com (click pic)

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