Episode #Ace/Trey: "Five-Seven"

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Episode #Ace/Trey: "Five-Seven"

Our third episode of the first season, some players refer to it as "Ashtray".  Tony & David sit with a player who prefers to remain nameless, so we call him by his favorite hand. "Five-Seven" has been playing, dealing and/or running a game for 15 years. Listen in and find out what it takes to cut it in the underground world of poker. 


6’5” ro 5/7?  The underground world of poker.  The difference between Holdem and Omaha players.  Playing Aces. Becoming a full time amature player. Being a student of the game. Marketing yourself as a player and earning a marker.  Big swings!  Running bad or tilting?  Poker season.  How often he plays.  Difference between home game and casino players. Never read a book!  The price of learning poker.  Playing differently on a marker. Knowing the basic rules of poker.  Be nice to dealers!  She ate three week old pizza!

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