Four/Six: Tommy Angelo

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Four/Six has dumb nicknames so I'm gonna go ahead and give it one myself.  Being from Chicago, what else can it be called that "Monsters of the Midway" after the 85 Bears and their impenetrable 46 defense..

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Once, during a poker discussion in Las Vegas, several top strategists were debating how to play pocket kings under the gun. Then Tommy Angelo popped in with “I can tell you the best way to play two kings. Decide in advance that no matter what happens, you won’t go on tilt!”

Insights like that are what drove the popularity of Angelo’s first book, Elements of Poker, a tome highly regarded for its fresh and practical perspectives. Since he began offering coaching in 2004, over one hundred students have paid for his candid advice, wanting more of what they found in his books, articles, and videos.

 Listen in as David (Tony off) and Tommy talk Painless Poker, his third book with the word Poker in the title, and likely his last.

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