Episode #Q1/A10: Henry Coleman

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Episode #Q1/A10: Henry Coleman

Ronnie and Henry discuss Fat Girls finding him funny, Black audiences vs White audiences, Changing his Material, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Skin Loyalty, Making a Crowd Feel, Blacks Comedians who don't play Black Room, Babysitting Drunk People and The Ultimate Goal is to get a Better Class of Pussy. This episode should be called "Comedy Pimp Talk".


Meet Henry:

Born in Memphis, TN Comedian Henry Coleman was not a class clown. In fact he was extremely nerdy but very witty smart and sarcastic.

He began performing at local open mics. In 2001 he performed for the World Famous Apollo Theater hosted by Comedian Rudy Rush. The crowed loved him and his boy next door style wowed the people. Since then he has been bringing his unique comedic insight and vision to audiences all across the country.