Episode #Q1/A12: Douglas Howington

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Episode #Q1/A12: Douglas Howington

This week Ronnie Ray and Douglas Howington discuss: Going to Church, Marty's Open Mic, Michael Winslow, Following a Difficult Headliner, Being funny for the Family, Getting Older, Being an Artist, Marketing and Promotion, Social Media, Being Responsible for your own Happiness.


Meet Douglas:

      Originally from Brooklyn New York, Douglas began performing in Atlanta, GA at "The Uptown Comedy Corner," then owned by world famous comedian Earthquake. Douglas got his first break as a featured comedian opening for a young Chris Tucker and Bill Bellamy. He was then discovered by producer of "Def Comedy Jam" Bob Sumner and invited to audition for the show.

     Since that time Douglas has worked with such prolific comedians as Dave Chappelle, Norm Mac Donald and George Wallace. When moving to LA, Douglas began casting reality tv shows. He´s help to cast such guilty pleasures as "Flavor of Love", "I Love NY", "Real Chance of Love", "I want to work for Diddy" and "For the Love of Ray J." Locally Douglas can often be seen slaying audiences at "The Ice House in Pasadena" and "The Comedy Store".