Episode #Q1/A3: Shaun Landry

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Episode #Q1/A3: Shaun Lanry

Episode three, Ronnie, crew and Shaun discuss how they first met. How Ronnie looks to Shaun as a comedy Mom. Pretty Tommy vs Sexy Tommy?  Oui be Negros. Drive by love!  When and how Shaun got into show business.  Drama therapy in prison. Fringe Fest, working for Buzzfeed and much more!

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Meet Shaun:

Shaun Landry was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Chicago's prestigious Goodman Theatre School for Youth and worked for Geese Theatre Company working in prisons doing drama therapy across the country and internationally.

Ms. Landry was hired into the Second City Chicago National Touring Company in the 90s. She also created the improvisational ensemble Oui Be Negroes... the original African American Impro/Sketch Comedy Theatre Company in The United States.

Her Television and Film credits include numerous industrial and commercial projects, including Bob Zagone film Read You Like a Book (2006).  She currently resides in LA.