Episode #Q1/A4: Marz Timms

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Episode #Q1/A4: Marz Timms

Is the Harlem Shake still a thing?  Pretty, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous Tommy is in the house!  When did Marz start doing comedy?  We talk about traveling between New York, Chicago and LA, dealing with rowdy audiences, being the voice of Jax in Mortal Combat the video game, shootin the Bull on the court with Derrick Rose and what it’s like to film THREE commercials with Michael Jordan! Yes, that Michael Jordan!

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Meet Marz:

Marz Timms is an American born actor/writer who performs all across North America doing stand up, and improv comedy. Marz is the creator of the comedy group Pimprov, and executive producer and star of the hit Internet series 'Fools Goal'.

Marz Timms has performed in more that one hundred productions across the U.S., and you may have seen him in numerous commercials from McDonald's to Hanes with Michael Jordan. He is constantly performing at comedy Festivals around the country in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Texas, etc. Marz has studied at The Annoyance Theater, and Second City, and teaches improv across the country.