Episode #Q1/A6: Milauna Jemai Jackson

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Episode #Q1/A6: Milauna Jemai Jackson

Ronnie, Nelson and Milauna discuss how they met?  Was pootie tang a good movie? Gay halloween party.  Playing a thug.  Free buddy passes!  Fear Factor! Meeting celebrities, Prince!  Doctor Phil! Lawrence Fishborne! A pilot for an "Entourage" like Mike Tyson show.  Free advice. Walking away from school.  Ronnie's "Vest" callback was lost in Nelsons laughter.  Nelsons Byron Allen joke? Booking "Aquirius" and how Milauna wants to be remebered.

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Meet Milauna:

A native of Chicago, Milauna Jemai Jackson was raised on the South Side by her single mother. In 2012 she enroll in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and complete her education. During her orientation day she learned that she'd gotten a role on an HBO pilot Da Brick directed by Spike Lee, "and that was the last part of my academic year."

A few weeks after her audition for the role of DEA SA Kim Martinez on Strike Back, Milauna Jackson found herself in South Africa for the filming of the show. It was in Johannesburg that the military advisor for the show, Paul Hornsby, put her skills and knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, weapons work and other military techniques to the test.

She also has a recurring role on NBC's Aquarius on Saturday @9p EST starring David Duchovny, as the wife of David's detective partner, Grey Damon.