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Texas Holdem 100 was created to reward listeners who love Jack/King Off with Tony Valle. I would rather giver a listener my hard earned money than to dump it into a faceless marketing campaign.


Game Play: As soon as we have a full table of ten players, I will ask position one to pick a number between 1 and 52.  This number is how many cards in I will cut the deck.  I will then deal out 10 hands, face up and run the flop, turn and river (on camera).  The winner will be announced on the next episode (and Twitter) and will receive $100.

How to enter: Log on to iTunes and leave your favorite podcast a 5 star review and comment.  Then, send an email to jkoffpodcast@gmail.com with your iTunes user name or fill out the form below.  It's that simple!

Video of live showdown will be avail below.

To enter, leave a review on iTunes and fill out this form

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Past Winners

XX/XX/16 - Pool A - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool B - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool C - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool D - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool E - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool F - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool G - TBN

XX/XX/16 - Pool H - TBN